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Experienced witchcraft spell casting at your service

Working with Holden Oak as your personal Spell Caster you will find new magick in your life and the vibrations of the universe will begin to work to your will. There is no fear of anything bouncing back to you. Holden Oak is a highly skilled and experienced spell caster working with his own Grimoire, and creating bespoke spells just for you through traditional and hedge witchcraft, Hoodoo, and both white and black magick

Scrying reports and tarot readings provided by Spell Caster Holden Oak
Personal Psychic Reading
Through Tarot & Scrying, discover your destiny...

Want to seek answers to specific questions or find information for what the future may hold? Holden Oak is a powerful and experienced reader of the cards, working with the oracle tool of Tarot. Discover what your own destiny may bring to you. Holden also works with the ancient craft of crystal scrying – seeking spiritual guidance and help through a special black obsidian mirror. Psychic readings just for you

Get your personal DIY Spell Caster kits
Do It Yourself Magick Making
Explore a range of magickal items and DIY spell-kits

Although lack of experience will mean these tools may not be the strongest in terms of effect for you, Holden understands that not everyone will be able to afford his services. As such, he is giving you access to some of the personal spells inside his own Grimoire (Book of Shadows) and sourcing effective spells from all over. He guides you in products you can purchase, ingredients and processes to Do It Yourself

Merry Meet from HoldenOak

Authentic Spell Caster & Tarot Reader

TheMagickEarth.com is home to Holden Oak, a UK based practitioner of the magickal arts with over twenty years experience working with witchcraft, healing, energy work, empath work, spell casting and psychic reading. He provides worldwide services in his practice, with repeat clients coming from his native UK, from the USA and Canada, and a growing client base across Europe.

He has primarily worked by word of mouth, through email and in-person.

However, Holden has finally decided to follow the recommendation of previous clients to set up as an online spell caster enabling his skills to help others who seek him out.  TheMagickEarth.com was born in 2018 as a result of this.


He is delighted to provide you with…

Holden works with only 5 clients on any given day, ensuring you are given the appropriate attention you deserve. No Spell Caster can give personal service to everyone every single day. Holden has a growing client base and he limits the number he will work with to provide a dedicated quality service to his clients.  Please note: you MUST BE OVER 18 to use the services provided by Holden and TheMagickEarth.com

Spell Caster Services

What Are You Seeking?

Get help in selecting the right type of magick and spell(s) for your current need and situation

Charm a new lover into your life, or improve your current relationship

Heat up your sex life and become more desirable to your lovers

Win back your lover or ex, and regrow your love together. Repair what was once broken.

End a relationship and break up using powerful magick. Please note, you must read the rules here

Grow your family and strengthen your bonds as a family unit. Protect them, love them, be there for them

Increasing your business success and helping you gain more money and financial security in your life and world…

Luck is forged by you in all situations, and you will find new heights of success with these spells

Protect you and your loved ones, or break hexes/curses that may have been placed on you

Find true justice in any matters in court and improve possible legal outcomes as needed

Know you are making the right choices in life through these powerful spells of wisdom and courage

Find new levels of mindfulness and peace – whether post-breakup or major life changes

Not to be feared. Black magick is a stronger depth and range of spell-casting. Better results are known here

Intensive and powerful casting increases the outcome likelihood for your chosen desire and spell

Triple cast for three days per week for three weeks. 3x3x3 is the most powerful casting to achieve your results

Unable to find the right spell? Use this special bespoke service for a unique personal spell just for your purpose

Experienced tarot reading, working with his own spirit guides, Holden Oak provides a range of different reading types through the cards

Using his black obsidian scrying mirror tool, Spell Caster Holden Oak taps into spiritual planes to foretell what is coming in your life

Getting spell caster services has never been easier

Services Provided

Explore Holden’s extensive range of Witchcraft, Hoodoo, White Magick and Black Magick spell casting services and magickal products.  Or maybe you are more interested in his Tarot readings and Scrying Reports.

All spell work is accompanied by photos of your castings, so you have proof that the work has been done, and has a personal instruction given to you to help support the spell casting work provided.

Although based in the UK, all work provided by Holden is accessible to you no matter where in the world you are based. 

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Triple Goddess | Paganism | Wicca

Is Black Magick Evil?

Popular culture and religious determination of “good” and “evil” has promoted a bad reputation for black magick. It is not as simple as “good” and “evil”. Nothing is that polar. Black magick does not summon demons, nor is it the same as Satanist magick. It is a stronger form of magick relying on a deeper immersion to the casting on the side of the Spell Caster. It is more emotionally, physically and psychologically draining. The Spell Caster is tapping into the deeper roots of magick and making much more powerful requests…

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What is the Power Behind 3x3x3?

The number “3” has always been significant in magick. With the number “3” we can raise the triple aspect of the Goddess especially. To effectively produce a stronger result from spell-casting, most Incantations and Invocations should be done in repetitions of three (you are given this choice in most spells provided here). However, there is the more influential 3×3. But even stronger than this is the three times three times three. A spell repeated three times a day, three days a week for three weeks brings the Trinity of Three to its ultimate climax. This is the most powerful spell casting to be done by Holden Oak.

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Spell Caster Promise to You

No spell caster can guarantee 100% success, because magick simply does not work like that. Any person who guarantees this is lying. Likewise, any supposed spell caster who declares that magic will work within a few days, or that they will perform your spell immediately is also lying – if they have time to do so, they are not preparing correctly or personally for you. Therefore, any spell caster who can guarantee that for EVERY client is either not performing the spell as they say they are, or they have few clients and little reputation.

Spell casting takes preparation. As such, it therefore takes time to ensure the appropriate energies are right, that any elemental alignments are correct, that any ingredients/magickal items are sourced, and most importantly that the spell is designed uniquely to the personal situation you are facing.

With Holden Oak, as your Spell Caster, he guarantees:

  1. Your spell is given the appropriate level of dedication and time to ensure maximum effect for the spell to work.
  2. All spells on offer have their own opportunities to work independently. You will NEVER BE FORCED to purchase additional booster magick or castings to make a spell casting work, although Holden does advise that you consider these options when making your order.
  3. Where you are choosing the number of casts for your spell, this does not mean that your spell casting will increase in power (spell casting does not work that way!), but rather your request (also known as petition) is made repeatedly to the Universe. As such, you will resonate more frequently towards your desire.
  4. The spell you request will be performed with 100% dedication (no over-booking) and within three days of purchase to ensure Holden can gain all necessary information from you, and prepare your unique spell for casting.
  5. The spell will be cast at the time stated by Holden, and photographic evidence of your personal spell will be presented to you (together with audio instruction specifically for you to enable your connection to the spell for it to work).
  6. If a spell does not work as desired within the first 6 weeks, Holden will perform a re-cast of the spell for you free of charge. Please note: there are no refunds once the spell has been cast as time, energy and expense for ingredients and tools have already been spent. But Holden will work closely with you to maximise the possible outcomes for your spell.

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    Contact Spell Caster Holden

    Holden is happy to hear from anyone who is interested in what he does and will answer questions surrounding his magickal spell casting practices and psychic readings.

    Please note, see if your question is already answered by reading the site. If you are seeking extensive advice regarding which spell(s) you might want casting on your behalf, you would be wiser to use his Spell Consultancy Service, as this may take some considerable time away from other clients.

    Holden will always try to respond to your queries within 72hrs.

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    Is It Safe To Work With a Spell Caster?

    If the Spell Caster is a genuine magick worker with experience then it is incredibly safe to work with them. Because Holden Oak has years of experience working with a whole range of different magick types, he is safe to work with. He understands how to work with the elemental powers and spirit to create a powerful and charged space that resonates your petition strongly to the Universe. Therefore, your spell casting will be in excellent hands.

    I'm Nervous About Working With Magick. Will I Get Bad Karma, or Backfire?

    There is really nothing to worry about if you are having a spell cast on your behalf by a Spell Caster such as Holden, or if you work with any kind of magickal product yourself. Words like “bad”, “evil” or “dark” mean nothing at all to having a spell cast or working with magickal products – even if the definition ‘Black Magick’ is being used. The notion of things backfiring and causing negative repercussions is primarily a Wiccan concept and one that has gained a stronger belief courtesy of popular culture (many stories, movies and TV shows), but in reality this is small belief in the wider magickal practitioner community. Most importantly, and if it helps you feel reassured, you can always remember that if Holden is your Spell Caster, he is the one casting the spell – not you!

    How Long Will It Take For Magick To Work?

    In truth, there are many variations to how quickly magick can work. The answer to this question cannot be predetermined because it will always vary person by person, and situation to situation. Individual needs and circumstances can greatly affect the speed of a spell – and no, just because you WANT IT NOW, does not mean it is MEANT FOR YOU NOW. In some cases, a single casting of the spell will be sufficient, for others multiple castings will be needed. For some, results could be seen within a matter of days. Whereas with others it could be weeks, or even months. The scope of your situation and the depth of expectation really do make differences too. Patience, therefore, is a vital skill and tool in all magick, and sometimes magick works in ways we do not expect. So it may be working immediately, but not in the way we considered it might. Be patient, and aware!

    Why Don't You Offer a 100% Guarantee?

    Magick takes a lot of work. It requires a number of factors to come together and for the intention to be strong and absolute. Bending will and effecting change to current situations takes time, the right approach to tapping into energies, and a true working from both the petitioner (you) and the Spell Caster to bring about real changes. If there is resistance, it can often be because the intention/petition has not been strong enough – but sometimes it can be that the will of destiny is stronger than the will of the magick. If this is the case, destiny often has a greater plan for the petitioner. It is varied and different petitions yield different results. As much as Holden would like to guarantee success 100% of the time, this just isn’t a truthful or practical approach – no artist can guarantee what their end result will look like, and nor can anyone working with magick.

    If You Don't Offer 100% Guarantee, What Am I Paying For?

    This is a fair question. You are paying for the expertise provided by Holden Oak. His knowledge base and previous experience make him a valuable asset. He comes with skills and tools to prepare and conduct your spell work, and provides a great deal of time and energy to your personal request. Consider it this way: working with a private doctor you are buying services that might help you in any medical condition, but the doctor can never guarantee a cure. The results will vary from patient to patient. In spell and magick work, your are buying services to support you in your situation, but the “cure” may not be the end result. Holden will work hard to attempt your results, but it is about the outcome on the day/night and in the given situation.